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A quintessential Bengali dish fish head curry , my absolute favorite… IF YOU’V…

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A quintessential Bengali dish fish head curry , my absolute favorite… IF YOU’VE ONLY ever ordered a filet of fish because tiny bones or beady eyes freak you out, you are seriously missing out on one of the tastiest, most delicate parts of the fish: the head. Cheeks are lined with tender meat, the skull is filled with emollient fat, and well-cooked cartilage is brittle and crispy. An elaborately prepared fish head dish makes a grand centerpiece on the dinner table. a potent symbol of fertility and prosperity, it’s an integral element of ritualistic meals,
For years, I too assumed that relishing fish head was a “Bong thing” ( the part of India I am form people call us bong or Bengali )
However, feasting on fish head is by no means exclusive to Bengalis. And that should come as no surprise, given that this is one of the tastiest parts of the fish — succulent, flavour-rich and packed with good stuff like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, iron, zinc and calcium. Study the recipes of a classic fish soup/stew from any part of the world — Provencal bouillabaisse, Spanish sopa de mariscos, Iceland’s fiskisupa, Peruvian parihuela — and you’ll find the vital component of the soup’s foundation, the fish stock, is fish head. That’s what gives the broth its signature flavour and nutritive value.

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