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Goat leg roast with potatoes and carrots A little bit late post , this was our…

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Goat leg roast with potatoes and carrots

A little bit late post , this was our Xmas dinner , this recipe again a family recipe which is passing through generations, a long recipe so if you want to know dm , I might omit one secret ingredient but I will give it to you 😂

A few fact about goat

Nutrition-wise, goat meat is a wonder. A similarly sized serving has a third fewer calories than beef, a quarter fewer than chicken and much less fat: up to two-thirds less than a similar portion of pork and lamb; less than half as much as chicken. More good news: Goats represent sustainability, without the curse of factory production.

You don’t need an oven thermometer for this recipe and you don’t have to worry about the internal temperature of the meat. The slow roasting method cooks the meat perfectly and makes it fall-off-the-bone tender.
But if you just want to know, then for goat, the meat temperature should be about 150°F to 160 °F

Next time when you are thinking roasting something give goat meat a try and you will not be disappointed!!

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24 thoughts on “Goat leg roast with potatoes and carrots A little bit late post , this was our…

  1. Please eat the veggies and potatoes and give that leg to me 🤤🤤🤤🤤 So tender and amazing 😋 goat hits different than any other meat 😍

  2. I am literally drooling…no kidding ok. I also don’t want recipe because I will shamelessly invite myself over to your place whenever I get thr opportunity. This looks like a trip to heaven and back i mean just look at it!!! You amaze me girl and I have no words left to express what I feel when I see your posts❤️

  3. The goat leg is so delicious..so perfectly roasted with masalas.. the veggies along with it is a great side add ons.. very well plated. The goat meat is really healthy.. very detailed info given.. Really useful. I am so tempted by this frame..I also had lamb yesterday..😍

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