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Homemade butter croissants and meringue When it comes to baked good and wine I…

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Homemade butter croissants and meringue

When it comes to baked good and wine I am always partial to French !!
Butter croissants is my absolutely favorite choice when it comes to pastry

They’re light and airy, and so buttery, with a hint of sweetness and a little bit of a stretchy texture. There’s nothing else quite like a croissant!
And when you make them yourself, from scratch they are completely out of this world.
It is a huge accomplishment when you see everyone enjoying your masterpiece

I share the recipe of croissants on my post before but if you need it dm me !!

I will share the meringue on my later post

Have this croissants for breakfast or have it for snack and indulge your self !!

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24 thoughts on “Homemade butter croissants and meringue When it comes to baked good and wine I…

  1. Gosh! How beautiful floral set up yaar😍 I’m literally amazed by your work❤️ backdrop to frame everything is looking so perfect. And not forgetting to mention about croissants, it’s such a delightful treat virtually then I’m imagining how it’d be in real😍❤️

  2. I’m in love love love .. I’m in love with this flatlay 💕💕
    Super gorgeous, pleasing and so dreamy!!!
    Looks like a page in a fairy tale storybook💕
    Butter croissants are my favourite too.. can have a bunch of these!
    Beautifully presented .. super awesome

  3. I love love butter croissants and you can make them at home is obviously not surprising for me, the rockstar that you are. But I am totally crushing over the beautiful set up, the crockery and the entire vibe of this picture. Just so so gorgeous 😍 💖 You and your posts always amaze me.

  4. Nice looking croissant. I’m 100% with you on that. I can eat way to many of them, but so worth it. My parents kill me with them everytime I go back home, +10 kg in just a week 😅

  5. Wowww 😍😍 This picture looks so beautiful ❤️❤️ Surely this is a wonderful presentation. The pink flowers make this picture way more aesthetic ❤️❤️ What are the white ones you have used? They are beautiful too!

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