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Luchi and sada alur torkari (simple potato dish ) So that day I was in conver…

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🙆🤷 Luchi and sada alur torkari (simple potato dish )

So that day I was in conversation with one of my favorite food blogger (you know who you are 😁) and she told me someone told her we “Bengali “ or Bengali cuisine only consist two things fish and rosogolla !!

Well for sure we Bengali consume those two a lot but depth of our cuisine is more than that

So from now on I will make an attempt to introduce you some very quintessential Bengali dish !!

My this post contain a classic items which can be eaten at breakfast lunch and dinner !

It’s called “luchi” no it’s not puri there is so basic difference between this two !! The main ingredients in puri is wheat flour and lot of the time stuffing is use for puri but for luchi only all purpose flour is used and never used stuffing!!

Luchi is sacred to us because most of the time it offered as a bhog to god !!

Every family has their own breakfast story. In Bengali households, ‘luchi’ is the common one. Sunday mornings are meant for ‘luchi – torkari’.

We the Bengalis often love to call it Fulko Luchi as it is puffy and round in shape. If it is not puffy enough, it is not Luchi and let me tell you to make a fluko luchi is not a joke it takes mad skill , which I yet to masters , as my mom always tell me you are not a good cook if you don’t know how to make perfect luchi 🙄😫🥲

For luchi dough is prepared by mixing fine maida (all purpose flour ) with water and spoonful of ghee or oil, which is then divided into small balls. These balls are flattened using a rolling-pin and individually deep-fried in cooking oil or ghee !!

Luchi is versatile you can serve it with just a simple potato curry , or mutton even with dessert like halwa , kheer , if it is winter try it with liquid jaggery it’s unforgettable!!

So there you go a classic Bengali dish luchi and sada alur (potato) torkari

24 thoughts on “Luchi and sada alur torkari (simple potato dish ) So that day I was in conver…

  1. Aha …ki dekhlam…eta dekhe Amar gupi baghar Kotha mone hochhe…wish I could hv the 3no bor…jetha Khushi jaite pari teen nombor…ishhh ora thaklei hater Tali bajiye Tomar Bari pouchhe jetam…it’s so so so so good dear….I’m drooling over this sada alur torkari r Luchi…khabo toooo❤️😋

  2. Sob combination fail e jutir kache😍just opurbo hoyeche. Gorom gorom loochi and sada aliir tokarir bhalobasha ta shudhu bangali bujhbe😍😍 darun lage. Aar loochi poreu sudhu sudhu ektu torkari niye khete hobei❤️❤️nahole khawata osompurno theke jai ekdom. Darun hoyeche kintu aajke. Mone hochhe plate ta haath bariye tule ni🤤🤤

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