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Mutton chanp This a family recipe , pass onto generations , every special occa…

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Mutton chanp

This a family recipe , pass onto generations , every special occasion this recipe is a staple and sometimes even on regular days when you need some pick me up food !! I made some modifications of this recipe so I can definitely share the recipe without family member being mad at me to share a family secrets 🤣

Very few spices is used to cook this dish do try it out and let me know

Mutton chops piece ( approx 10 ) keep the little fat on
4 tablespoons Ginger paste
6 tablespoons fresh tomato paste
3 tablespoons Kashmiri red chili powder

1 teaspoon hot chilli powder


2 tablespoons mustard oil

Ghee for frying

Marinate the chops with ginger , Kashmiri red chilli powder , tomato purée , salt and hot chilli powder Atleast 3 to 4 hrs

Heat up mustard oil in a pressure cooker

Add the marinate mutton and fry for couple of min

Add 1 cup water and close the lid and cook with low temperature till mutton is done I usually do 3 whistle because you want meat to hold on the bone

Heat ghee on a heavy bottom pan

Pick up the mutton piece one by one and fry in the ghee , do not overcrowd the pan

Reduce the gravy in the pressure cooker till oils float to side ,

Arrange the mutton piece on a platter and drizzle the gravy on top enjoy with rice or naan !!

24 thoughts on “Mutton chanp This a family recipe , pass onto generations , every special occa…

  1. Aha….ki sundor lagchhe dekhte…akta uthiye kheye nilei holo…u r so versatile dear…wish I could be like you… a masterpiece genius in whatever recipe you try becomes a super success… whether sweet or savory … drink or dessert….u continuously motivate me … Amazing dear..love you❤️

  2. These chops looks so delicious and tempting😋. The presentation is superb and next level👌 even without going through the caption, I have guessed it right.. such an amazing platting.. you and @desikhana2020 should start some platting tutorials 😋

  3. Ohh my goodness.. This recipe looks so tasty and yummmy😍❤️ wanna have them right now😍❤️ literally droolicious 😍❤️ thank you for your detailed recipe.. Will surely try this out this Sunday 😍❤️ have a great day buddy 🙏❣️

  4. Wow… That’s really amazing and delicious… Your presentation is superb and tempting… This recipe is so easy and simple… Your are such a genius👌😍

  5. Wow Mutton chanp is looking so spicy 😋😋😋 perfectly goes with Mutton Biriyani or Pulao 👌 Every kind of dishes are my favorite 👌 you are sharing modified version of secret family recipe 😂😂😂 how sweet of you ❤️❤️❤️ BTW must give a try at home. 💝 Lovely presentation 👌👌👌

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