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pish pash This is a Anglo Indian dish which is became almost extinct , this …

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🛡️🗡️ pish pash

This is a Anglo Indian dish which is became almost extinct , this recipe is in our family for generations , and I found the similar recipe at Lila Mazumdar’s Rannar Boi,  Parsi Food and Customs by Bhicoo J. Manekshaw

Pish-Pash is actually a medley of Rice, Chicken Chunks and this dish is cooked with very limited spices mostly whole spices . In fact, the spices just use to boiled with water to give the dish a nice aroma and distinct flavor!! Some say it is a form of Khichri while some defined it as Indian Risotto. Or some Even called it easy Biriyani !! However, for me, Pish Pash is what it is; no comparison with any other dish.

It look not appealing but believe me it taste heavenly!! If you have kids try this they will love it !

2 cup short grain rice ( I used Indian rice called gobindobhog)
* Chicken: 500g (curry-cut with bone)
* Ginger: 4 “
* Butter: 2 Tbsp.
* Salt: to Taste
* Lemon Juice: 2 Tbsp.
Whole Spices:
* Black Peppercorn: 20 or so or you can less
* Wash rice thoroughly and soak in water for 15 minutes.
1. Wash chicken chunks
2. Cut Ginger into julienne.
3. Take around 4 cups of water add salt and ginger make
4. Add the Chicken pieces and reduce the flame to low.
5. Cook in low flame by covering the pan with a lid till the chicken is done.
6. Now take the chicken out of the water and use chicken stock and cook the rice.
7. Take a pan and add butter when butter is melt add whole black pepper corn then add the chicken pcs sauté a min then add the cook rice mix well and check the salt if require add more finish off with lemon juice ! Serve hot
Note if you want you can add boiled potatoes too ! When boil the chicken you can add bay leaves cardamom cinnamon and garlic to make the stock more aromatic !!

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  1. Wow this looks such a super dish.. i have never tasted or heard of this one.. but with your description this sounds to be really good 😍😍 you have made it soo perfectly and presented it soo well.. itss soo good girl.. thanks for introducing this ❤

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